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Learning Foundation Survey 2019


Thank you for taking part in this survey, which is about your school’s engagement with technology in teaching & learning and STEM. Your participation in the survey is very important and thank you so much for doing this. We are keen to help, however we can, to make teachers’ lives easier and more productive when it comes to integrating technology and planning and assessing STEM teaching and development amongst students and your input will help significantly in this.

The survey is completely confidential. The information gathered will provide the charity with valuable data to help us present a true profile of the current situation in schools to the DfE as well as providing useful feedback for the development of a STEM tool that is being developed by Magpie Education, with the support of a Government grant provided through Innovate UK. 

If you would like to find out more please visit

Throughout this survey we refer to ‘EdTech’ and  for the purposes of this survey we would define EdTech to mean ‘the use of computer hardware and software in the delivery of every day lessons (not just those that are computing related).
Once you start the survey you can save it at any time and return to it later by using the ‘SAVE & CONTINUE LATER’ option in the grey bar at the top right of the page.
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